Are You Time Poor & looking for a Powerful “Turn Key” Opportunity?

Are You Time Poor & looking for a Powerful “Turn Key” Opportunity?

Unheard of Returns from Residential Real Estate

Buying properties and on-selling them with Vendor Finance is a great business model. However, eventually we were unable to buy enough properties to meet buyer demand. This “challenge” was overcome by people noticing our success and wanting to get involved.

As most were “time poor” they wanted a “turn key” opportunity. So we entered into a Joint Venture, where they bought the property and we did the rest, while sharing the profits along the way.

However they were only prepared to do this if we could show a suitable Risk Minimisation program.  Our Risk Minimisation plan can be viewed here: Risk Minimisation

Our Joint Venture Partners wanted:

  • To create wealth via passive income.
  • To increase their income without increasing their workload.
  • To profit from our knowledge and expertise.
  • To harness the power of leverage.
  • The advantage that trading properties gives, i.e. another income stream.

Details and ‘numbers’around a recent Joint Venture can be viewed at Joint Venture.

Quite often we use the returns from these transactions to support our negatively geared properties. Some of our Partners do the same, others just enjoy the high passive income.

Dan April Testimonial

“Getting Money in my account every month is great!”

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