Sandra Sua


Sandra Sua

1. What kind of return did you get on your investment?

I get every month $200 paid directly into my account. Plus extra when all expenses are covered for a particular period.

2. How easy was it for you to do?

Quite easy. I had the trust in this couple, signed papers and never regret it. The new buyers they put into my property to date never failed in making their payments on time.

3. What was the length of the transaction?

About 3 years so far.

4. Would you recommend our services to others who may be interested in real estate investing?

Yes, I would

5. Any other comments?

Paul and Karen came to my rescue when I was desperately looking for a way to turn my negatively geared property into something promising. The fact that I was some 2 1/2 out from my property location, I couldn’t think of anyone better to take care of things for me other then Paul and Karen Dobson.
They shared a strategy which I felt make sense. To confirm that this strategy works is that I’ve duplicated that same strategy over time now and see the fulfilling pleasure in doing so.